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3M 4611 VHB – RS4611

3M 4611 VHB – RS4611

Quick and easy to apply – bonds in seconds.

High temperature resistant – retaining excellent bonding performance.

Versatile – bonds to most high surface energy substrates including metal, glass and high surface energy plastics.

Recommended for use with 3M VHB surface cleaner, 3M VHB applicator pads and 3M VHB roller, as detailed in the application guidelines.

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3M VHB Tape provides immediate handling strength by bonding in seconds. It’s quick and easy to apply with no mess or waste. As a result, the solution offers unrivalled time saving benefits and enables fabricators to complete the bonding process in house. This allows them to have complete control of the manufacture, resulting in improved production efficiency. What’s more, with VHB Tape, preparation of surfaces is much easier and safer, with no need to use strong chemicals. And that means less mess and fewer issues with health and safety in the work environment.

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