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April 2016

cre8 Tapes


A palette of tapes to unleash the creative within. Let your imagination unwind…..

Relax and create is the objective of our new cre8 brand. Affordable tapes in a range of colours and textures. Create a masterpiece, decorate your furniture, enliven your notebooks and general stationery. The uses for our new brand are endless.

Check out our Tape art section for inspiration. Send in pictures of your works of art and we may feature them on our website, to:

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March 2016

BHETA – British Home Enhancement Trade Association


We are delighted to have recently become members of the Bheta (British Home Enhancement Trade Association) group.

With an ever increasing membership including many of the top brands, Bheta can genuinely claim to represent the views, products and services of the vast majority of businesses in these sectors. We are looking forward to working with them.

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