• tesa® 60760 is a tough plasticized PVC tape coated with an aggressive modified rubber-resin adhesive, which allows adhesion on many different surfaces.
  • PVC Electrical Insulation Tape IMQ & SEMKO & IEC tesa® 53948 IMQ/SEMKO/IEC is a specially formulated self extinguishing plasticised PVC tape with good film flexibility and adhesion for low temperature application. Using plasticisers that are unaffected by most wiring systems plus a modified rubber adhesive system make tesa® 53948 IMQ/SEMKO/IEC ideal in electrical insulation application.
  • tesa® 4965 is a transparent double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PET backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive.
  • PVC Electrical Insulation Tape. tesa® 4252 is an economy grade of plasticised PVC tape with good flexibility and electrical properties. Having a modified rubber resin adhesive coating, tesa® 4252 provides good adhesion and ageing resistance in most applications.
  • tesa® Signal non-adhesive is a 80 mm wide tape that stands out for its white and red stripes. It is designed to catch attention and can be used to block areas in order to prevent personal injuries. The tape is made from Polypropylene film with both-sided rub-resistant printing. It also guarantees UV-resistance for a period of at least 3 months which makes it the ideal tape for any temporary outdoor application.
  • tesa® 4129 is a single-sided transparent tape with a PET backing. Its acrylic adhesive system combines good initial tack with high shear strength. The product is resistant to humidity and most chemicals.
  • Premium Floor Marking Tape. tesa® 4169 PV3 is a lane marking tape with a PVC backing and water-based acrylic adhesive. It is perfectly suited to permanent marking applications.
  • General purpose paper masking tape. tesa® 4323 is a finely creped paper masking tape with a natural rubber adhesive. The product is suitable for general purpose applications: masking, holding, sealing, fixing, light duty packaging etc.